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Updated: Jan 24

Wallcharts at the ready, as the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup (TM) kicks off this summer in Australia and New Zealand, find out all you need to know on the official site

But, I am wanting to compliment FIFA and the design team for moving away from the more tired/tried and tested approach of past women's/men's FIFA tournaments,

the 2023 emblem design connects on a more personal psyche and importantly the loving of the traditional black n white ball image at its centre.

I'm sure it will timestamp a unique association to this summer's experience, which will positively shine a warm light on the tournament and fondly stay long in the memory of all involved.

From the colour palette, and the round table to the font, it's all screening the (FIFA) World Cup is coming “come on!” credit out to the design team.

Also, I want to hone into the use of the retro black and white ball as its centre, how it has been used in past memorable emblems, and propose the 2026 FIFA Men's World Cup design team take note, please.

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  • jeevan online

Updated: Jan 24

123-reg being my long-standing host has unfortunately started to remove functionality,

It's been a while since I've looked into hosts, therefore not surprised I didn't recognise any suggestions. As already a site with Wix looking to transfer the domain.

Before I pay the additional year, I go back into the Wix editor, and the first thing I notice is it's quick! compared to 123-reg that is, also the blog section has become available don't remember that I had to pay extra on 123-reg, so I decided to test it by writing up my past few hours exploring.

Although relatively easy to delete a tab/page, I found it as easy to restore to a previous automatic backup

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